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Timothy Dinan is rated 5 Stars on Avvo and Super Lawyers – just read some of his reviews!

A fantastic and consummate professional who works tirelessly for his clients!

When I found out that I had failed the Michigan Bar Examination by a narrow margin, I knew I had to call Tim Dinan. I was referred to him by multiple people, but was told to act fast. I e-mailed Tim, who was helpful and informative on a preliminary basis. He reviewed my answers - free of charge - and after his analysis, I retained him to draft my bar exam appeal. In a few scant weeks, Dinan had prepped a comprehensive and excellent brief. Still, I was nervous - this bar exam was practically infamous for the low passage rate, and I knew dozens of fellow students who were appealing. Still, I felt confident knowing that Tim Dinan was on my side. After the submission of the brief, I grew more anxious. Finally, I heard from a friend - who had also retained an attorney and had my same score - that she did not get her appeal granted. Nothing in my mailbox that day. That evening was practically torture, as I had to wait another day to get the results. When they came, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Needless to say, Tim Dinan knows the intricacies of the Michigan bar exam, and is without peer in the field of bar exam appeals. Bar Exam Appeals are tough, but having someone with his experience and knowledge makes a world of difference. There are dozens of attorneys who "specialize" in bar exam appeals, but none of them have as sterling a reputation as Tim Dinan. If I sound like I am gushing, it is because I am! I was preparing to take two months off work in order to study for the bar exam with Tim. Instead, I am getting sworn as an attorney this week. Like I said before, Tim Dinan is THE difference. If you are considering retaining an attorney for a bar exam appeal, C&F matter, or even a civil or criminal matter - you should seriously consider Tim Dinan. I have joined the ranks of yet another happy client of his.


January 9, 2013

Great Attorney - Professional, Organized

We retained Mr. Dinan for a civil suit. He was incredibly professional from our first consultation all the way through to the completion of the case. He answered every question, kept us informed about the progress of the case through email & phone. He also sent out detailed letters once a month summarizing the progress of our case. He was always friendly, never had to wait more than a day to hear back from him if we had a question. More important - he was always realistic. You never want an attorney who will tell you just what you want to hear; you need someone who will let you know what all the possible outcomes of a case are. Mr. Dinan did this wonderfully. We didn't go into this case disillusioned that things would work out in any one specific way. Nobody is ever excited about having to hire an attorney - but in the event you do need one - Mr. Timothy Dinan is someone who came highly recommended to our family, and someone I would highly recommend to yours.


October 17, 2016

Attorney Tim Dinan is the Real Deal

I am a recovering alcoholic who had five years of sobriety when I relapsed and was arrested for DUI. It was my third DUI and that is a felony. My fears were twofold. I was worried both about the legal consequences I would face, as well as the impact this incident would have on my long term recovery from alcoholism. When I first hired Tim it quickly became clear that he was not only professional and highly skilled in the law, but also had a meaningful grasp of the human element involved in his work. I was not simply a client on paper to be rammed thru the legal system. He had an awareness and sensitivity to my individual issues, and that played a huge role as my legal situation unfolded. The incident that resulted in my arrest was pretty straight forward and I never had any illusions that I would somehow walk away without any consequences. What I was hoping for was to find an attorney who could help me navigate the process and clearly communicate to me what was happening at each stage. Like anybody, I also hoped that my consequences would be minimal and that in my case they would not only satisfy my debt to society, but would also serve to bolster my recovery from alcoholism. I am happy to report that with Tim's guidance and expertise, I was able to meet all of those goals. A felony DUI carries a mandatory jail sentence of 30 days to 5 years. Not only did I receive the bare minimum of 30 days, it was worked out that I was allowed to serve that time on weekends. In doing so there would be no interruption to my job, my recovery activities, weekly counseling, or contact with my family and other people in my support network. I received two years probation and, again, the terms were such that they both satisfy the court as well as help me to re-establish my recovery from alcoholism. I was 100% satisfied with my experience from start to finish and I would absolutely recommend Attorney Tim Dinan to anyone in need of legal assistance. He made the process bearable, and in doing so helped set the stage for my continued recovery. This was a tough season of my life, and I don't think I could have picked a better lawyer to be at my side.


February 12, 2017

Went the extra mile to get it done!

Tim was amazing, he dealt with our case for a minor child and did the research and due diligence to make sure we got the outcome we wanted. Not only did he talk to me about the process - he made my child feel comfortable as well. He put in the extra leg work and research required to make sure we got a favorable judgement.


April 11, 2017

Excellent Counselor

Tim represented me in a matter before the Michigan Bar. His counsel was excellent. He was knowledgeable, personable and really took the time to get to know me, which was key in providing a strong and successful advocacy on my behalf. I was very fortunate to be referred to Tim. I recommend him to anyone needing a lawyer of tremendous skill, yet also a great personal touch.


ay 27, 2017

Stand-up, Honest Attorney with a Wealth of Knowledge

I am dealing with my own Character and Fitness case on the West Side of the state and have retained an attorney on a pro bono basis. Both of us (my attorney and I) ran into a snag regarding the procedure and despite reviewing virtually everything we could online we were left scratching our heads. On a whim I called Mr. Dinan hoping I would have the privilege to be able to speak to the man himself and get my question answered. Not only did he answer the phone himself, he answered my question (in less than a minute I might add). He also wished me the absolute best with my case and I could tell he meant it. I would recommend Mr. Dinan to anyone. He is here for his clients, the community, and anyone who needs help.


September 5, 2017

Certified Character-and-Fitness Badass

Mr. Dinan is extremely knowledgeable in his area of focus. But there's a million lawyers out there who know their stuff. Mr. Dinan's true gift is his ability to get on a client's level and engage in some "real talk" -- not the legal babblings that lawyers engage in to make themselves feel important. So what's the takeaway? **Hire Tim Dinan only if you want an expert that will take the time to talk to you like a real person, as opposed to a mere client.


November 14, 2017

Tim Dinan demonstrates the utmost knowledge, professionalism, dedication, and compassion

At the time I hired Tim Dinan I had been trying to pass the Michigan Bar Exam for almost 2 years. I graduated law school in May 2011. I skipped the bar exam in July 2011 because I did not feel prepared; I took the bar exam in February 2011 and failed by 13 points; I retook the bar exam in July 2012 and failed by 1 point! I needed 2 raw points in order to pass. At this time I was so disheartened that I seriously began to consider alternate career paths. I did not know if I could go through another failure again. I told myself that an appeal would be my final attempt at the bar exam. I contacted 3 different attorneys including Tim Dinan. Although each appeared to be competent, I chose Tim Dinan to represent me in my appeal because after my initial consultation I sensed something from him that the other attorneys seemed to lack: Tim Dinan was passionate about representing me. Tim Dinan did not make me feel as though I was just another case among many. He was sympathetic to my plight. I truly felt that he was going to give his all in representing me in my appeal. I am extremely happy that I followed my instinct and hired Tim Dinan because from the moment he took my case Tim Dinan hit the ground running. First, Tim Dinan was very knowledgeable about the law and the appeal process. His method of appealing essays is very effective. In fact, one of the essays that Tim Dinan appealed and that I received points on from the Board of Law Examiners was not one of the essays that the other two attorneys that I consulted was going to appeal. Furthermore, Tim Dinan was very responsive to any concerns that I had throughout the appeal process and always kept me informed of his progress. He initially sent me a memo of the questions that he was appealing and the basis for each appeal which was extremely helpful. When I had questions regarding the memo, he thoroughly addressed my questions. He was always quick to respond to my emails or phone calls even if I called late at night or early in the morning. His secretary Karen was also always prompt in giving him my messages. Tim Dinan would usually respond to me within the hour and at the latest within 24 hours. Given my situation, I was very nervous about the appeal process and wanted to give input in my appeal. Tim Dinan allowed me review my appeal after it was written and to give my input because he said that this was ultimately my appeal and that it was important that I was satisfied with the final product. Throughout the process, Tim Dinan also behaved like a mentor to me; he tried to relieve any anxiety that I may have had about the appeal process and he even offered to tutor me if my appeal was not successful. Tim Dinan was also honest about the chances of a successful appeal. I was ultimately successful on appeal and passed the bar exam! I am truly grateful to Tim Dinan for his dedication and hard work. Tim Dinan demonstrates the utmost knowledge, professionalism, dedication, and compassion. I am a very satisfied client and would highly recommend Tim Dinan to anyone looking for an attorney to represent them in appealing their Bar Exam Results.


February 8, 2013

Excellent Bar Exam Appeal Attorney

Mr. Dinan represented me, and prepared my bar exam appeal -- which was granted by the State Bar of Michigan. His approach was honest, direct, thorough and professional. He counseled me on the appeal process, conducted a comprehensive review of my bar exam essays, and communicated his findings in a very detailed manner. The appeal was well written, commanding, and effective. Mr. Dinan emailed/phoned me at every point in the process, so I was fully aware of the status of my case. He communicated with me on nights, weekends, and given the tight time frame for the appeal, even over the holidays. Because of the assistance that Mr. Dinan provided to me, I am now a licensed attorney. To say that his efforts were life changing would be an understatement. I would recommend Mr. Dinan's services without hesitation. Thank you, Tim!


February 20, 2013

Amazing Lawyer!

Found Tim's info on this site and called about my traffic violation (speeding 10 over) in Grosse Pointe. He generously responded giving some advice. When it came time to go to court, I hired him. He made this experience as easy as possible. He kept me informed on the laws, best/worst case scenarios and acted in my best interests. He responded to emails and phone calls and showed for court appearances. He spoke with prosecution to explain my situation. He got me the best possible outcome for my case 0 points just had to pay my fines. For that I am super thankful and recommend his services.


September 17, 2014

Step One for Bar-Exam Approach: Tim Dinan

As a former Michigan Bar Exam applicant, I relied heavily on Tim’s counsel and guidance throughout the exam preparation process. Having started with a commercial course, I felt I had been overwhelmed with information. The commercial courses are great in that they provide applicants with a wealth of information. But, they don’t teach you how to attack and synthesize all of that information. I knew I needed a plan, a specific routine. And Tim created exactly that for me. After meeting with Tim, I stopped asking myself what I should be doing every day. Tim’s advice and teachings on how to write a Michigan Bar Exam essay was key for me passing the exam on my first try. Tim provided detailed critiques that pointed out what I was doing wrong with each essay. More importantly, though, Tim taught me how to properly approach a question and then present the law and facts to the bar graders in a well-organized format. Tim’s techniques made even the most intimidating bar questions manageable. His program is the perfect complement to a substantive bar review course. It is a no-brainer that utilizing Tim’s advice will help get you where you want to be. Investing in Tim Dinan’s services is a valuable stock that will pay off for life. It already is for me.


November 11, 2014

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