Traffic Offenses

We can protect you, whether a ticket has been issued, or you have been arrested

Your driving privileges are tied to your criminal and traffic records.  A speeding ticket can cause your insurance to shoot up.  A drunk driving arrest will cost you thousands and could cost you your job or more.

You have important interests to protect when a ticket is issued or you are arrested.  When you are arrested, you need to know your rights and protect your freedom.

Don’t do anything until you speak to a lawyer.  You can call Tim Dinan at Dinan & Associates anytime to discuss your rights and how you can protect your freedom.

Michigan Traffic Law and its Consequences

It is never pleasant to be pulled over even when you know you are not doing anything wrong.  You are nervous. Some traffic offenses and drunk driving arrests can lead to jail or even prison sentences.  No one will be looking out for you when you go to court.

Possible penalties and collateral damage from traffic convictions:

  • Prison or Jail
  • Fines, Costs and Increased Insurance Premiums
  • Loss of Your Car
  • Traffic Points on Your Driver’s Record
  • A Permanent Criminal Record
  • Court Interference in Your Personal Life
  • Mandatory Installation of an Alcohol Interlock in your car
  • Lost Time in Court or at the Secretary of State Office

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