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Why do I need a lawyer if I did not do anything wrong?

If you find you have been arrested and charged for a crime, it is important to understand why and not take it personally.  Police and prosecutors make mistakes whether it be in charging the wrong person or overcharging someone.  The reason you need a professional on your side is that our system is an adversarial system.  That means you are pitted against the government in a criminal charge.  Once a charging decision is made, you need to fight to have your version of the facts brought out and use the Constitution, the court system, and the law to fight for every advantage.  Despite what you may have been told by the police or your friends, you simply cannot hope that things will go your way when you go to court.

What does it cost to hire an attorney?

It depends on several factors: 1) the reputation and experience of the lawyer, 2) how much work your case will entail, 3) How much time a new case will take away from existing business, 4) which court has jurisdiction in the matter, 5) other factors that relate to the goals of the client.  As a rule, we generally do not quote fees over the phone to be fair to the client as well as the firm.  All our fee agreements are made in writing and explained completely to the client.  We do not charge for initial consultations.

Who does the work at Dinan & Associates?

The legal work is done by Tim Dinan.   He believes that if you hire him to be your lawyer, you should expect him to be prepared and to be available to you at all stages of the case.  His staff handles certain preliminary matters such as scheduling and obtaining information for the client’s case.

Do I need a lawyer in criminal court?

That is ultimately up to the client to decide.  Being charged with a criminal offense creates problems that sometimes are not apparent.  The consequences of a conviction such the loss of freedom, unwanted public scrutiny, expenses for fines, costs and court fees, loss of visitation rights, and civil consequences are just some of the problems that arise.  If you qualify, you can ask the Court will appoint an attorney for you; however, that lawyer can only do so much for you.  Hiring your own lawyer should ensure that you have your case thoroughly prepared, that you understand the law and how your case will proceed in court and what your expectations ought to be each step of the way.  Criminal is a complex subject – unless you understand the law and procedure fully, interview a lawyer to see how he or she can help.  Our office will always meet with a potential client to discuss all aspects of their case and whether we can help you out.

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