Sex Offenses

You have important interests to protect if you are accused of a sex crime

Sex offenses are commonly referred to as rape or statutory rape.  Anytime the accusation is that someone forces themselves sexually on another, it may constitute a sex offense.  Sexual relations between adults and minors, even if claimed to be consensual, are also criminal offenses.  The seriousness of this crime ranges from probation to life in prison.  Whatever you tell the police afterwards will be used against you.

Sex crimes also arise for the possession of certain materials such as child pornography or covertly recorded acts of others having sex.  These charges have severe consequences if proven in court.

You have important interests to protect if you are accused of a sex crime.  Depending on the relationship between the accuser and accused, the crime can have imprisonment as a penalty along with a lifetime listing on the Sexual Offenders Registry.  When you are arrested, you need to know your rights and protect your freedom.

Don’t do anything until you speak to a lawyer.  You can call Tim Dinan at Dinan & Associates anytime to discuss your rights and how you can protect your freedom.

Michigan Law and its Consequences for sex-offense crimes

Accusations of forced sex upon an accuser, without any other proof, is enough proof to have someone arrested and convicted.  Any position of authority over someone else can be an aggravating factor.  You may be in a volatile personal relationship or must react to a hostile co-worker.  If you are a licensed concealed weapons holder, drawing your weapon in certain situations make you subject to severe sanctions.

Many assaultive offenses and arrests can lead to jail or even prison sentences.  No one will be looking out for you when you go to court unless you hire someone.

Possible penalties and collateral damage from assault-type convictions:

  • Prison or Jail
  • Seizure of Your Personal Property Including Legally Possessed Weapons
  • Loss of Employment and a Bar on Future Employment
  • A Permanent Criminal Record
  • Lifetime or long-term registry on the Sexual Offenders Registry
  • Court Interference in Your Personal Life
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Loss of Your Concealed Weapons License

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