Professional License Representation

Protecting your professional license

Whether you are a nurse, psychologist, dentist or other licensed professional, you worked hard to earn your license.  However, your license is subject to review, suspension or revocation for any number reasons.

If you are arrested and convicted of any crime, Michigan law requires you to report yourself to your licensing board.  There is no exception.

Your employer has the right to report issues that potentially or create danger to the public you serve.  This can be for anything from chronic lateness to theft.

Your board can investigate the claim and charge you administratively with violation of your profession’s standards.  These charges can lead to fines, suspension or revocation of your license.  Any finding of your board can be reported to the public and your employer.

Does your situation require a lawyer?  Your case and situation are unique.  Call Dinan & Associates for your complimentary consultation to find out what your rights are.

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