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Driver’s License Restoration

Our lawyers have been restoring driver's licenses for over 20 years.

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Professional License Representation

If you committed a crime, your license is subject to review, suspension or revocation.

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Assault and Battery Offenses

If a weapon is involved in a crime, you could receive a felony. Get the help you need.

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Bar Appeals

A Bar Appeal can be a very important part of your legal career.

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Marijuana Law

Our lawyers have a broad experience in marijuana law. Let us help you.

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Drug Offenses

When you are arrested for drug possession, you need to know your rights.

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Sex Offenses

Being accused of a sex offense is serious. Don't wait, hire a lawyer to protect you.

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Traffic Offenses

We can protect you, whether a ticket has been issued, or you have been arrested.

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Character and Fitness

We have the connections with professional witnesses who can be of assistance.

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