Understanding Michigan Weapons Charges

grosse pointe criminal defense lawyerMichigan has complicated weapons laws. Rely on an experienced Grosse Pointe criminal defense lawyer to help you understand them.

A Grosse Pointe Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains Michigan’s Weapons Laws
If you face Michigan weapons charges, your Grosse Pointe defense attorney knows what the prosecution must prove and potential penalties you face. Michigan statutes outline the types of weapons prohibited, maximum fines and penalties as well as exceptions that may apply. (MCL §§750.222-239) Most weapons violations constitute a felony. A Grosse Pointe criminal defense lawyer can discuss which charges may apply to your case.

Banned Weapons
Michigan bans the manufacture, sale and possession of the following types of firearms:
- Machine guns or automatic weapons
- Silencers
- Bombs

As a Grosse Pointe criminal defense lawyer can discuss further, violations of this ban constitute a felony punishable by up to five years in jail and/or a $2,500 fine. Exceptions may include self-defense sprays, like mace or pepper spray. Tasers and armor-piercing “cop-killer” bullets are also banned, and violations carry a maximum four-year jail term plus $2,000 fine.

Concealed Carry
Speak to a Grosse Pointe defense attorney for advice on how to obtain a concealed carry permit (CCW) in Michigan. Without one, you can face a felony conviction with up to five years in jail and a $2,500 fine for carrying a concealed pistol or certain types of blades on your person or in your car.

Convicted Felons
Michigan does not allow convicted felons to possess, sell, buy or transport firearms for a period of years after the conviction and prison term/fines are fulfilled. Contact a Grosse Pointe defense attorney for the specifics.

Unlawful Intent
Regardless of other weapons laws, Michigan prohibits anyone from carrying a firearm with the intention to use it to harm someone. Your Grosse Pointe criminal defense lawyer can explain the details.

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