Understanding Bail with the Help of Your Criminal Defense Lawyer in Detroit, MI

Grand Junction DUI lawyerAnyone who has been arrested on a criminal charge has the right to request bail. You might not receive that privilege but your criminal defense lawyer in Detroit, MI will be able to make that request at your first appearance before a judge. Bail is defined as a “release on conditions.”

As your criminal defense attorney in Detroit, MI will explain those conditions could include posting a bond, surrendering your passport or being put on house arrest. It all comes down to the severity of your crime and the skill of your criminal defense lawyer in Detroit, MI.

Obtaining a Bail Bond

If you’ve reached out to a qualified criminal defense lawyer in Detroit, MI at the moment of your arrest they might be able to help you line up a bail bond. This is where a bonding company puts up the money for the bail in exchange for a fee. Usually, that fee will be a percentage of total amount of the bail. Typically, your criminal defense attorney in Detroit MI can negotiate that you only need to pay ten percent of the total bail amount. If you pay this from your own funds it will be returned to you when the trial is over. If the bail bond company puts up that percentage they get the refund plus the deposit.

Your criminal Defense Attorney in Detroit, MI on Bounty Hunters

Your criminal defense lawyer in Detroit MI will advise you that securing a bond from a bail company puts you at the mercy of their bounty hunters. This would only come into play if you didn’t make a scheduled appearance in court. That’s because the bail company will be on the hook for the money. They have the legal right to arrest you at any time and make sure you go to trial. If it gets that far you could find yourself back in jail with no further chance of bail and your criminal defense lawyer in Detroit, MI will have their hands tied.

Follow the Advice of Your Criminal Defense Lawyer in Detroit, MI

When it comes to issues of bail and how to build your defense, you would be well suited to follow the advice of your skilled criminal defense lawyer in Detroit, MI. Timothy A. Dinan is the kind of veteran criminal defense attorney who would be a huge asset for your case. Call his offices today at 313-821-5904 to set up your first consultation.