Attorney Timothy A. Dinan, the principal and owner of Dinan & Associates, P.C., was recently admitted to the State Bar of Arizona in June 2011.  Mr. Dinan, a Michigan attorney with over seventeen years of practice experience, was admitted on motion before the Supreme Court of Arizona.  After passing a background investigation and presenting his credentials to the State Bar of Arizona, Mr. Dinan’s motion was granted and he is now a proud member of the Arizona Bar.

            What does that mean for the office?

             Dinan & Associates, P.C. is a Michigan based firm with its principal office in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan.  We are committed to our Michigan clients and the work that we do on their behalf.  His office will continue to remain open to serve all of our Michigan clients.

            What will change is Mr. Dinan’s availability to a new client base in Arizona.  The firm’s focus will still be on admission of law students and lawyers to the practice of law but now serves clients with our Arizona practice.  Mr. Dinan will also be taking on clients with criminal defense problems and restoration of driver’s licenses.  He will also be offering services for bar preparation in Arizona.

            Where is the Arizona office?

            Dinan & Associates, P.C. has made arrangements to use the office space of Ariano & Reppucci, P.C. for meeting with clients in Phoenix.  Ariano & Reppucci, P.C. is located on the eastside of Phoenix close to the airport.  Please see http://www.azcharacterandfitness.com for detailed information. 

            Why open an office in Arizona?

            Arizona is an attractive place to practice law for a number of reasons.  First, its population has grown exponentially over the last decade.  There is a greater need for legal services for this expanding population.  The needs of its newer citizens and natives will continue to require problem solving skills of lawyers.  The State Bar of Arizona recognized this trend and thus amended its rules to allow more lawyers to practice there.

            Second, Arizona is the first state in the Sunbelt which has allowed for lawyers to apply to the Bar on motion.  That means that Arizona recognizes Mr. Dinan’s Michigan legal credentials and training as satisfactory to meet the requirements to practice law there. 

            Third, Michigan is cold in January.  It is also a place where Mr. Dinan has come to love through his travels and looks forward to being able to spend more and more time there as his children grow and move away. 

            The Information Age has created a working environment which allows Mr. Dinan the privilege to practice law in more than one state.  The internet, cell phones and cloud computing all allow Mr. Dinan to have a virtual office wherever he chooses.  He feels fortunate to have the ability to practice in Arizona and he looks forward serving clients there.  Please see http://www.azcharacterandfitness.com for contact information.