Your Grosse Pointe Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains Bail

Grosse Pointe criminal defense lawyerYou may have the opportunity for release pending appeal depending on your crime, criminal record, history of making appearances and the merit of your appeal. Your Grosse Pointe criminal defense lawyer will explain how these factors relate to your chances of bail after conviction.

Your Grosse Pointe Criminal Defense Lawyer May Obtain Bail With the Prosecutor’s Agreement
One way to secure bail while you await sentencing or appeal is for your attorney to make an agreement with the prosecutor. The prosecutor will typically view this option favorably if you have taken a plea agreement in which you’ve admitted guilt.

Your Grosse Pointe Criminal Defense Lawyer May Play Up Your Attributes
If you have shown model behavior while out on bail prior to your trial, the judge will take this into consideration. Your attorney will need to ensure the judge that your reliability will continue and that you will be sure to appear for all future court dates. If the judge remains doubtful, your attorney may suggest more restrictive release conditions.

Ensuring Your Affairs Are in Order
Another argument your Grosse Pointe criminal defense lawyer can make is that you would like some time before your sentence to take care of any loose ends that exist in your life. Be prepared to provide details of what exactly you need to do, though.

Appeal and Sentence Related Release
A judge is more likely to grant bail if he is convinced by your Grosse Pointe criminal defense attorney that the conviction will be overturned on appeal. If you have been convicted of a lesser crime than the one originally charged, you will likely receive a lesser penalty as well. This argument shows the judge that the risk has dropped if you are released on bail.

Your Grosse Pointe Criminal Defense Lawyer on Self-Reporting to Prison
Self-reporting is a good option, if available, as you can generally avoid being transported between several facilities and instead just report directly to where you will be incarcerated. Additionally, it bolsters your image by showing that you are responsible and reliable. As a result, your security classification may be lowered.

Finding a Grosse Pointe Criminal Defense Attorney
You may think that conviction is the end of the road. As you can see, though, a Grosse Pointe criminal defense lawyer can continue to argue for release on bail. Call Timothy A. Dinan today at 313-821-5904.