Discuss Your Release Condition Options With Your Detroit Criminal Attorney

Detroit criminal attorneyIf your Detroit criminal attorney was successful in securing your pre-trial release, then there will probably be a list of conditions you’ll have to adhere to. None of these conditions should come as a surprise. Along with your Detroit criminal lawyer, you’ll have to agree to these conditions before the judge in order for you to be released. Failure to follow these conditions could result in your being automatically sent back to jail.

The No-Contact Provision

Your Detroit criminal lawyer will explain that a very common release condition is the no-contact provision. Under the terms of this condition, you won’t be allowed to have any type of contact with the alleged victim or any witness in your case. That’s a good thing because it ensures your Detroit criminal attorney that there won’t be any issues with tampering that could come back to haunt you later on.

The challenge with the no-contact provision is when those persons involved in your case might be family members or co-workers. You just need to work out the specific instructions with your Detroit criminal lawyer. Of course, any investigator hired by your Detroit criminal attorney will be able to contact those witnesses in order to build your defense.

Electronic Monitoring Conditions

Your Detroit criminal attorney could arrange for you to be placed under house arrest and submit to the wearing of an electronic monitoring device. This shouldn’t be that much of a burden as you will still be allowed to go to work, church or to a doctor. The one drawback is that you might be required to pay for the monitoring service. Considering you’ll be able to sleep in your own bed, that’s a small price to pay for sure.

Keep in Contact With Your Detroit Criminal Attorney

Although your movements might be restricted, you should still remain in contact with your Detroit criminal attorney as they put together your defense. You will need to play an active role in that defense so that nothing is left to chance. Timothy A. Dinan has a long and successful history of criminal defense. He is the exact kind of dependable Detroit criminal attorney you want at your side. Call his offices today at 313-821-5904 to set up your defense.