Criminal Defense

Warrants and Affidavits

Which specific items can be searched and seized with a warrant, and what does an affidavit describe in terms of the evidence of the case is what a Detroit criminal attorney would explain for you if you were a suspect in a criminal investigation. Warrant Has Specific Particularity The executing officer must have a warrant Read More

Let Your Grosse Pointe Criminal Defense Attorney Challenge a Computer Search

The amount of data we can keep on our computers is truly amazing. Although computers might hold a “treasure trove” of evidence for prosecutors, this doesn’t mean they can treat them like a filing cabinet and open every document or photo. No one understands this better than an experienced Grosse Pointe criminal defense attorney. If Read More

Search and Seizure Ground Rules

Even though a police officer identifies themselves outside your door, they don’t have permission to enter your home without a warrant. You’re not doing anything illegal by refusing them entry. This is a basic right guaranteed under the 4th Amendment of our Constitution. An unlawful search could be enough “ammunition” for your Grosse Pointe defense Read More

A Grosse Pointe Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Bail Under The United States Constitution

If you have been arrested, here is some important information from an experienced Grosse Pointe criminal defense lawyer concerning bail. A Grosse Pointe Criminal Defense Attorney Addresses the Constitution’s Provisions on Bail Your Grosse Pointe criminal defense lawyer is fully conversant with the United States Constitution’s specifications concerning bail and can quote the Eighth Amendment Read More

Can Your Detroit Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer Challenge Your Confession?

Can your Detroit Michigan criminal defense lawyer challenge your confession? The short answer is “yes.” The results of that challenge could make a huge difference in your defense. What your Detroit Michigan criminal defense attorney will need to do is go after the voluntariness of that confession. In other words, did you give that confession willingly or Read More