Advantages and Disadvantages of Plea Bargaining

Grosse Pointe criminal defense lawyerFor many defendants, it may seem to be to your advantage to an early plea bargain to a more serious charge but less jail time. A Grosse Pointe criminal defense lawyer wants to give you a broader perspective into the advantages or disadvantages to an early plea bargain.

It is critical to having a Grosse Pointe criminal defense attorney with you from the very start to help you avoid the many drawbacks that could be lurking with an early plea bargain. An early, emotional decision on your part could have severe long-term negative consequences to you that you’re not aware of at that time.

Strength of the Case

It might be found, by your Grosse Pointe criminal defense lawyer, that the prosecution is offering a plea bargain because of the possible weakness with the evidence of the case. The perceived generosity of the prosecutor is to avoid going to court with evidence that won’t hold up well in court.

If your Grosse Pointe criminal defense attorney senses this, you may be advised to hold out for a better deal later. With their bluff called, a prosecutor may then make another, more acceptable offer to you.

Learning the Value of the Case

Your Grosse Pointe criminal defense lawyer would have the resources to consult with other lawyers and public defenders in the local criminal courts about the value of a particular type of case. As the other lawyers are regularly appearing in these courts, they can give some perspective to your Grosse Pointe criminal defense attorney about this court’s view of certain cases.

Communicating Effectively to Learn About the Case

A very important part of representing you effectively by a Grosse Pointe criminal defense lawyer is to talk you to get your point of view along with talking to the police and the prosecuting attorney. Learning as much about the case as possible will allow your attorney to develop the best defense.

Consequences of Plea Bargain to a More Serious Charge

Accepting a plea bargain to more serious charges, even if it means less jail time, could hurt you more in the long run. Agreeing to more serious charges creates a serious criminal history on your record, which could lead to negative future consequences. You could be disqualified from ever possessing a firearm if, for example, you agree to a state misdemeanor with a two year or more maximum possible imprisonment.

Or, as a Grosse Pointe criminal defense lawyer explains, you could lose the ability to obtain any federal student aid or student loans for at least a year if you plea to a drug offense, whether for simple possession or delivery of drugs.

You Must Keep the Bigger Life Picture in Mind

Even though jail time seems unbearable at the moment, a Grosse Pointe criminal defense lawyer would be on your side and would advise you about the consequences of a guilty plea and the effect it could have on the rest of your life. Should later prosecutions occur, a conviction on your record could limit your future severely when job hunting.

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